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We welcome your visit to website & also await your presence in Diwali Dinner Program as well  

Welcome to the Chhgam Samaj of North America which has not just become a site for all Chh Gam-wasis in North East USA only, but on its Global way to link all Chh Gam vasis world over, since through this website, we have tried to unite the Chh Gam-wasis all over the world and we wish to add as more features and as much information as possible for our present and future generations to come and hence the humble and detailed effort to cover all what we could and still invite all the info that we can get from anyone interested to upgrade our site and knowledge for all about the wonderful 6 villages which are culturally considered the top-most villages in whole of Gujarat and practically if compared, we really are in the top slot of villages in the entire Republic of India... Once you see the details and try to compare you will really confirm that if all parameters are applied for your comparison.

Our reach has been to practically all corners of the world and as you saw on the landing pages, we are practically everywhere, from Gujarat to Africa, Australia, Canada, Fiji, UK, USA and also practically in every state in India as well... May be God wanted us to be every where so he sent us all over... that�s what we believe and we want the next generations to believe that if we are one of the best, lets respect our culture, our religiousness and honor our ancestral identity and be the best as we have been over the decades and centuries... visit and see your own identity in the most detailed way and send us any information that you can send anytime and we will try to include at the earliest.

Happy detailed viewing and thanks to the vision of the present Executive Committee and present Chh Gam Samaj President, Secretary, Treasurer and Jt. Sec and entire team who encouraged developing this website for elders to feel proud, for us to connect to next generation and next generation to remain linked and create awareness for further generations.